April 1, 2020
Most Brands are Going Live Stream for Better Growth in 2020, What Are You Waiting For?

Live Streaming is the Latest Trends and Best

Live streaming for marketers is no longer a novelty, most brands are going live to interact and expand their target audiences.A live video strategy is a powerful way to engage your viewers and convert them into your consumers immediately. Let’s see how great impact on your business by using live streaming.


Impressive Statistics and Forecast of Live Streaming in Global and China Market

Live video streaming trends is growing more than double until 2026, statistically analyzed at “Live Streaming Market Report 2019 – 2026”. It is a popular video marketing tools over worldwide. According to Global Live Streaming Market report, it was valued US$ 32 Billion in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 60 Billion by 2026.

In China, it created RMB$ 200 Billion by Taobao Live Streaming during 24 hours online retail frenzy Singles’ Day in 2019.


With Live streaming, Most Brands Turning Corona-virus Crisis into a Chances to Survive

Especially in Corona-virus period, all Chinese citizens cannot go out and those brands are intelligently shifting to live stream to keep the business going. Reported by Business Insider, China’s live streaming users increased about 10 percent (about 504 million) during January in 2020 as most Chinese cannot go out and spent a lot of time online.


Louis Vuitton Live Streaming on Little Red Book

For example, Louis Vuitton live stream to share their new Spring items and matching ideas on their official account of Little Red Book. Just within one hour, they successfully got over 15 million page views,and the interaction number was as higher as 6.259 million with many sales related comments by encouraging consumers.


鞋佬生活百貨 Live Streaming on Facebook

Furthermore, a famous Hong Kong brand like “鞋佬生活百貨” can stand out and earn over HK$1 Million just 2 hours Facebook live streaming even in the crisis of Corona-virus period. During to the live streaming in Corona-virus period, 鞋佬 promoted about 20 items and open purchasing limitation within 2 hours. From the viewers experiences, the products are limited and valuable that they need to grab and buy it quickly.

He started to do Facebook live streaming for his woman shoes business from 2018, and has huge success with earning over HK$10 Million per month.


As you see, live-streaming has the unlimited power to connect target audiences from hundreds to millions, and convert the views number into the higher ROI effectively. There are more opportunities for live video streaming than ever before, lets explore more live video streaming strategies here for your brand now.

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