Studio One understand design is more than some eye-candy graphics. It’s an active part of the viewer’s experience.Done well, it can enhance and extend a brand. We are always prepared to help turn your event idea into a reality, in a creative way, from visuals to experiences. Our team of designers, graphic artists and 2D/3D illustrators use inspired design to create flexible, state of the art environments and vibes. From event concept and design to programming, production and video content, our work is ready to leave a mark in your audiences’ hearts and minds.

Event Planning
and Management

Studio One also focus a lot in helping clients managing the whole event from the beginning. We offer complete event service including event planning and management, event design, agenda planning, budget development, vendor sourcing and management, event logistic, onsite floor management, onsite event staffing, sponsor management and post event evaluation. To arrange a consultation or event management quote, please contact us.


Our event logistics planning process is simple. Work the creative concept through the realities of the physical site, budget constraints and the consideration and concerns of all suppliers, to deliver a seamless event, that is safe, and over delivers on clients expectations. The logistics for each event varies with the events nature. It can include detailed planning of procurement, storage, distribution, tracking, disposal and clean up. Even site rectification can be a major part of large events.  Generally you have to return the site to the condition in which you found it, and cover all costs in doing so in your budgeting and reporting system. 


We know which caterers, transportation services, hotels, and other facilities will provide the best service within the your budget. We understand cultural norms and expectations, also where and how to find the best entertainment, freshest food, most helpful staff, and best travel routes.

• Program Design
• Logistics Management
• Supplier Management
• Accounting

Event Production 

Stage Design & Engineering

Studio One can be the difference between a good event and a great one. We create unforgettable event experiences by designing a stage that moves beyond the presentation, speaker or performance, and becomes a feature in itself. We have our creative and design team in-house and specialize in working your event projects.

Event Production 

and Video

Studio One offer a range of sound system supply services you could possibly need. Our team of highly skilled sound consultants, technicians and engineers know everything there is to know about creating the perfect sound system to suit your needs. Whether your next event is a simple conference with a pair of speakers or a large scale of live music show, we have the right knowledge and right equipment to deliver an event you won’t forget.

Event Production 

Multi cam

Studio One has more than 10 years professional video shooting service experience. We work with you on bringing your missing, moment or brand to your audience. This is a full-service approach where we handle everything from pre-setting to post-video production. Whether a simple Interview video shooting or a large scale commercial video shooting, our specialised video shooting crew is here to capture all the critical moment by using the latest HD cameras.

Event Production 


We have many professional photographers working with us providing excellent event photography services for our clients over 10 years.

Event Production 


With live broadcasting, including synchronised presentation slides with multi-camera shooting. We can livestream your event on internal and social media platform, participants from other locations and different time-zones are able to join the occasion.

Event Production 

Live video
graphic mixing

Video production for live feed service requires specialised knowledge and capabilities. With professional live feed service, our team has extensive experience in live feed in the most demanding environments. Never the last, we can provide Full HD broadcast grade live video editing and mixing multiple video signals instantly. Not only event audience can enjoy the live edited video in real time, it also saves much the additional cost and time of post-production editing.