December 23, 2020
Facebook Launches Paid Live Events In Singapore

Facebook launches paid live events in Singapore


Event is a prominent channel to connect with new and existing audiences and customers.Unfortunately, most of the events in 2020 are forced to be postponed, cancelled, or moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Facebook rolled out anew function - Paid Live Events just at a right time to fulfill the new normal of home centric lifestyle. The launch covers 20 countries, ranging fromSingapore, the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Australia, Canada andItaly. And currently, Singapore is the only SE Asian country to have this new function.

The benefit of using Facebook Live other than third-party sites is audiences who have paid for the access are able to rewatch the event after it ends.Audiences will be able to watch your event anywhere through your Facebook event page, either on their phone, tablet, computer, or even TV through the FacebookTV app. In addition, you'll be able to create and promote events as well as receive attendance fees all in one place.

Paid Online Event guests list on Facebook

Virtual live events are undoubtedly a growing trend. According to business services company 99firms, Facebook Live’s video view count reached two billion in 2019 and videos on the service produced 6 times more interactions than traditional ones and were watched 3 times longer than pre-upload videos.Facebook also revealed that the user base of Facebook Live in June is doubled compared to a year ago. 


Another benefit of using Facebook Paid Live is no admin fee will be charged by Facebook. According to Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook App, they will not take a cut of the fees until 30/06/2020, which means the revenue will 100% go to the organizers. However, Apple will charge the gaming video creator page a 30% fee if the transactions are made via iOS. Facebook becomes an incredibly powerful marketing tool to boost your sales with less cost. 

Page admin is able to track the sales performance on Event insight

To Wrap Up

The standards of online live events are getting higher and higher, especially when audiences need to pay for it. As the stream quality greatly impacts user retention, make sure your equipment can deliver a seamless live with high video resolution and low latency to a massive amount of audience. Interested to explore the live streaming acceleration solution? Contact our expert now.   




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