April 3, 2020
Live Webinar: Unexpected Marketing Strategy To Boost Your Sales In 2020

The Rise of Live Webinar

Live Webinar has been around years.However, in the first quarter of 2020, its demand and is still on the rise. Now, over 40% marketing strategies are included webinar, and over 80%believe it is the most effective strategy and keep using it. Not only that,most brands are unexpected revenue via live webinar. Over 40% brands are planning to host webinar in 2020.


While you search “live webinar” or“webinar” on Google Trends, they are growing from 2004 to now steadily. You would see the demand is growing especially in this period of COVID 19. It is the much effective way to keep you connect and engage your audiences even stay at home.

Webinar can help you to share your knowledge and reach new audiences. Also, it can undoubtedly increase your subscribers,sales and even passive income. Most brands are keep using live webinar, especially B2B and Financial industries.


Our Studio One has been helping many different brands to host live webinar, lets see how other brands are working with live webinar and how it may benefit on your business.

Live Webinar Popular in Financial Industries

In financial industries, live webinar is a must use marketing strategy. It is the best channel can share valuable knowledge and they are surely benefit to their audiences. As a result, the subscribers and leads are generated immediately over live webinar.


Share the Value of Your Service or Products over Live Webinar

Live webinar is not just benefit and suitable in financial industries. Live webinar can be a powerful tool for anyone if they love to share. You need to share the valuable information by addressing your audiences’ pain points and answering their actual questions via webinar. You will lose your audiences and subscribers if you just sell how amazing your services and products are.

Move Your Potential Leads Down to Sales Funnel via Live Webinar

Live webinars give you the chance to generate the qualified leads that related to your field of expertise. There is nobody willing to spend around 1 hour to listen your webinar intently unless the topic and content is worthy. So they are willing to buy from you immediately or later soon.


Furthermore, Live Webinar also can move the potential leads to sales and maximize the ROI. When you concern what they are concerning, help them to satisfy their needs and solve the problem they’refacing. In result, they will trust in you and decide to buy from you.


More and more brands are experiencing the many benefits of using webinars. If you take time to start your webinar now,you will be able to generate more valuable leads and customers, also can prove your expertise. To under more about the effectiveness and quality of live webinar, visit our successful case stories.

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