April 14, 2020
5 Reasons you should not rely only video conference tool to do live events

5 Reasons you should not rely only video conference tool to do live events

Video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Team, Google Hangouts, etc. have absolutely exploded over the last few years and especially in the current situation.

However we should not just rely on these tools for hosting online events because they are designed mainly for two-way video communication for small group online meetings across two or more locations.

Here are 5 reasons you should use our live streaming solution (and combine video conference tool for remote participates video call-in) to host professional online events:

1. Better Quality

Video conference tool usually rely on the web cam and internal microphones of the laptop. The quality of the video is low and out of control. With our solutions, we can provide our video team to operate professional cameras and microphpnes as well as video encoder to achieve production level quality output stream for viewers. Our visual / audio mixer can also allow our show director to add various graphics, video clips and picture in picture which makes the live events more valuable to the viewers

2. More Scalable

Many video conference tools are less equipped for large audiences. They uusally can only support less than 200 audiences and provide maximum 720p resolution, whereas our live streaming solution can provide 1080p or even 4K resolution video quality and also no limitation on the number of audiences.

3. More secured

Many video conference tools does not offer the level of security that our solution does. In our platform, we have a range of different privacy and protection mechanism to ensure you keep out of any unauthorized access to your online events.

4. More convenient

When using the video conference tools to watch the live events, in many situations viewers have to download some software or fix some technical issues to join the event which can be confusing and time consuming. With our solution, all viewers can simply access by URL link anywhere at any device. We can even embed the live video player to your official websites to make it more align to your branding.

5. Post event analytics and archive

It is usually difficult to get recordings of meetings and share them with viewers if you simply use video conferencing tools to broadcast the events. Our solution allows you to turn the live event as the archive easily on the Video on Demand platform or download the mp4 video file for further usage. In addition, post event analytics report will also be provided to give you more insight of the online events

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