January 10, 2020
15 Awesome Time-lapse Videos Of Events

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15 Awesome Time-lapse Videos Of Events

Time-lapse videos are a brilliant way of showing the time and effort it takes to put on a memorable event, and the energy and vibe that takes place during them. So, we’ve found a selection of 15 of the best event time-lapse videos from around the world to get you inspired for your next event. Enjoy!


Burning Man 2012

This is an unbelievably cool – and advanced– time-lapse video that turns the Burning Man into a whimsical, toy-like experience.


Justin Timberlake at the 02

The 02 plays hosts to most of the biggest names in music when they’re in town, and this captures the essence of what agig looks like there, from set-up to tear-down.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Very unique events with giant props like inflatable balloons are perfect candidates for a time-lapse video.  Make sure you watch to end with the giant dancing balloons towering over everyone else. Cool!


Canon Photo marathon 2012

Similar to the above, this is a unique event with a strong theme and it shines through, providing another great example of a time-lapse video that emphasises the brand’s core message in a captivating way.


Field Day Festival

The Guardian shot this video of the 2012 Field Day, and it’s a great example of how festivals build inevitably to the climax of the headline act, before leaving the grass to grow again.


Outlook Festival 2011

Focused on the Harbour Stage, this time-lapse really highlights how much work goes in to staging world-class events, and the relatively short bursts of energy that characterise the live event experience for fans.


Glastonbury 2013

One of the most iconic events in the world,the sheer size and scale of Glastonbury is displayed here as it builds up over a number of days.

ICE Totally Gaming

Turning to more traditional business events, they can still produce some cool time-lapse videos.  This one is really different, as it walks youth rough the show floor, focusing on the buzz and glamour of the event rather than the build-up and tear down.


Kintex Exhibition 2014

A more traditional exhibition time-lapse,the quality of the recording and scale of the event makes it stand out and worth a watch, as an empty hall is completely transformed.


Game Developers Conference 2014

Firstly, the soundtrack is Will Smith’s‘Gettin’ Jiggy wit It’, so that alone gets it on the list!.  But it’s also a great example of a people-focused time-lapse video that really gives you a sense of what the event is all about.


Enzoani 2013 Fashion Event

Fashion events and the catwalk are great candidates for interesting time-lapse videos, and this is a good example of one that showcases both the work it takes to host one, and the glamour of the event when its in full swing.


Giant Event Tent

Not strictly an event video, this is an interesting look at the effort it can take to put up a single structure (admittedly a very large one) in order to put on an event with a difference.

Crane way Pavilion Setup

This is another top example of how a blank canvas can be utterly transformed by a creative and hard working team.


2014 SXSW Startup Crawl

From large-scale to small, this just captures the natural ebb and flow of a party. You almost feel like you’re there.


LBS Living General Conference 2014

This take a completely different approach, and ignores the event completely, focusing instead on the environment outside forthe 48 hours while the conference takes place.

This has nothing to do with events at all,but it’s such an awesome video we just had to share it anyway! Do you have any examples of cool time-lapse videos?  If so, please share them with us sales@studioone.com.hk !

Source: Awesome Time-lapse Videos Of Events by Mark Walker

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