Rising Event Decor Trends for 2019

Styling and décor are more than the physical, they are emotive. They set the scene and become the first stage in driving attendee behavior and delivering a memorable atmosphere. So how do you achieve this without being over the top? We are going to study with these trends is driving different reactions and behavior, making events successful and examples of events that have done it best.

1. Extreme Theming

Themes offer structure, particularly to event planners which can lead to ideas or inspiration going forward and they are always popular to draw elements together. Offering more to attendees are becoming necessary to remain memorable - Themes That Hit Home - focusing the event on an emotion to create varying atmospheres and allowed greater freedom in the planning stage for color schemes and ideas.

2. Styling Facilitating Networking

Where furniture is placed is key and room design should be carefully considered to encourage networking and avoid dead areas. Large venues and cavernous spaces, for example, can shut down networking leaving attendees feeling exposed, making them more likely to retreat and this need to be com-batted. Making cavernous spaces networking friendly -- Candles, Live music, or Lower the ceiling etc.

3. Storytelling Sponsorship

Sponsorship needs to be a part of the storytelling and flow of the event considered during the design phases. The signage that is used needs to be creative, make sense but be memorable so that if it is “in your face” it’s there for a reason. For example, using gamification or fun makes attendees (and even fellow event professionals) seek out the brand and make contact like this adult ball pit which is just full of blank signage opportunities.

4. Engaging Furniture

Furniture and seating play an important role in the purpose of the event and the ability to facilitate effectively. Of course, we need to consider comfort but we are seeing an increase in various seating options so all attendees are being catered for. Such as swings and bean bags which lend to flexibility while others may prefer the rigidity and support of an ergonomic specialty office chair.

5. Local Artwork

Using art can create a unique atmosphere for the event and is an increasingly popular décor type. With sustainability and CSR becoming more important to attendees, ensuring that you use local artists or source locally is in line with their expectations and can showcase local talents - Urban graffiti or Original artwork. This could also be an excellent giveaway idea for fundraisers too.

6. Sponsorship Customization

Every sponsor has different budgets, goals, and skills they can bring to the table so sponsorship collaborations are becoming more popular. Unique ideas that offer sponsors a unique, personalized package and will more likely land a big deal.

Adapt colors - LED tubes are excellent sponsorship signage but could also be used to light pathways or runways leading to an event or create intimate atmospheres in a darkened lounge.

7. Incorporating Digital

For many, interacting with brands, events or sponsors is also done digitally so ensuring you support all the mediums your attendees and demographic use is essential. Digital conversations. Bring the digital conversation to the physical event using elements such as a large photo screen which can bring a group together, especially when live-streamed into the space.

8. Structured Flow

Your seating arrangements, lounges, and overall flow in the design will help to ease people into natural areas of conversation and engagement, which is a design element that must not be overlooked, regardless of the style of event. Use different table lengths and sizes to create an intimate space and also seat your attendees comfortably.

9. Food Design

Turn food into art and décor pieces by designing something to make a statement. Whether it’s a food carving or sculpture or an intricate art display, the way food is presented adds to the aesthetic and makes the finer details stand out. e.g. Ice bar - Make an ice sculpture multi-functional by converting it into a bar to chill food, giving it a self-regulating display.

10. Color Dynamics

Expect big bold colors and dramatic textures to complement your styling, whether it’s the fabric of your tables and draping or what your attendees are looking at on the runway, color can make or break an event atmosphere. Lighting for color. It can be difficult for larger corporate venues to use fabrics or décor to create an immersive color experience but lighting can have the same effect. As seen here, the ceiling GOBO’s, down and up lighting are all working in unison to project the same color scheme effectively for this corporate gala.

Simple, you understand the trends and adaptations that are popular this year as well as how you can cater to the needs of all of your attendees using elements like the floor plan to drive sales or furniture to promote learning.