How To Market Your Event Using Facebook

In terms of recent changes, the product which seems to get the most attention on a year to year basis is Facebook Ads.With Ads being Facebook's largest income generator, this should come as no surprise.Tips to giving your event marketing a boost using Facebook's latest and possibly greatest features:


1. More Control Over Video Ad Placement

Advertisers now have more control over placement of video advertising. Facebook Ads now allows in-stream advertising to be used across its video network. This includes not only videos hosted on Facebook itself but also across its network of partner websites, Audience Network.

Another recent development in Facebook Video covers all those view counts racked up despite videos being out of view.Instead of making the advertiser foot the bill for the ad impression, Facebook will now offer a refund.


2. Create Live Event Video

By broadcasting live to a Facebook Events page using Facebook Live, followers of the event can get a glimpse of what hey're missing out on in full HD, right in their own Facebook timeline or on the Events page itself. Using the Facebook Mobile app, audience can go live stream to the event page instantly.


3. Engage Attendees With Collaborative Stories

Where live streaming allows event organizers to interact in real time with followers of the event on Facebook,Collaborative Stories does much the same for attendees. Using Facebook'sever-evolving Snap chat clone, Stories, subscribers to the event can post short videos and photos to a collaborative storyline shown at the top of the Events page. At the moment this is only visible on the Facebook Events page itself but we remain hopeful that it will make its way to the timeline eventually.


4. Faster Links Get Precedence

In August, Facebook made a subtle change to its timeline algorithm which gave precedence to faster loading pages. This means that if your event website is full of slow-loading gifs and widgets,chances are that when you link to it in a Facebook post, not many people will see it. Conversely, if the website you're linking to is fast, the benefit will be felt by more clicks as a result of better timeline placement.


5. Audience Optimization For Timeline Posts

Facebook recently changed the way Pages post targeting works by replacing Interest Targeting with what they're calling a Preferred Audience. What's the difference? Where Interest Targeting acted as a filter, meaning content was shown to fewer people, Preferred Audiences actually give posts a little algorithmic bump in the timelines of people with he right interests.


6. Global Free WiFi Courtesy Of Facebook (Sort Of)

Your attendees aren't at the venue for the complete duration of most events. So why should people be interested in that?Working with the locations of fringe events and local partners, people could create a network of networking zones for event attendees, easily locatable using the Facebook Find WiFi tool. The tool which was on test earlier this year has now rolled out globally and is starting to gain popularity.


Facebook's advertising platform comes in so many different flavors and with so many different targeting options that it'shard to believe there isn't a fit for almost any event advertising budget. Why not use it?

Source: Market Your Event Using Facebook’s Latest Features by EVENTMB STUDIO TEAM