Creative Corporate Event Ideas

Corporate events can include anything from internal meetings, parties and team building events, through to client events,conferences and awards. They can be small one-day events or large week-long conferences, where internal employees and external partners attend.

If you want to run creative corporate event that gets people engaging, you'll need to throw in a few quirky features as below ideas:

1. Alternative payment café

What: A ‘pay with exercise’ café concept, where diners could pay for their food and drink with stints on treadmills, spin bikes, rowing machines and exercise mats.

Where: David Lloyd Leisure ‘Run for your Bun Café’, London

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Credit: Event/David Lloyd


2. Internal TEDx event

What: TEDx talks are hugely popular presentations, where a key speaker gives a short talk on a topic of their choice. These are often inspirational and use storytelling as way to get the message across, a great choice to convey information at your corporate event.

Where: In your organisation.



3. Carnival parade

What: Holland & Barrett kicked off its internal conference with an energetic morning carnival parade leading guests to the main plenary. This theme continued throughout the entire event, including the food and music, helping employees to be fully “in the moment”.

Where: Holland & Barrett Conference,Butlin’s Mine head

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4. Food science

What: Cater Tonic presented ‘The Theory of Food’ – interactive live food stalls and science-based food concepts including‘levitating’ petri dishes of pasta, tomato water bubbles, and savoury frozen lollipops. Guests also ‘foraged’ for unusual flavoured doughnuts using infrared thermal cameras. For the launch of a new venue, this type of interactive corporate event is a great way to get interest and press.

Where: Wonde rlab Launch @ Science Museum,London

Via: Tonic


5. Indoor drag race

What: Indoor drag race on Triumph Bonneville Bobber motorcycles at The Print works in London involving racing legends such as seven-times World Champion Carl Fogarty MBE, and an international team of motorcycle journalists. Having a prominent figure headlining your corporate event could increase attendance.

Where: Triumph Bonneville Bobber LaunchEvent, London



6. Pop-up vending machine

What: Hyatt Centric’s pop-up vending machine offering more than 1,600 travel-themed prizes to passersby if they posted their favourite destination on Instagram with a special hashtag. Using social media to amplify your event will get more traction with your company or potential audience.

Where: Hyatt Centric “Sunrise to Sunrise”campaign, New York



7. Immersive experience geodesic dome

What: A giant geodesic dome with immersive 360˚ visual projections and full narration to take those inside on amulti-sensory food journey, from paddock to the plate. This helped to highlight the Australian roots of the Australian Open and celebrate the great qualityfood produced by local farmers, through a unique experience.

Where: Wool worths Summer Sensorium,Melbourne

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8. A content-led conference

What: An internal brand conference led completely by content. Employees were allowed to create their own agenda(rather than being told which sessions to attend) with models, catwalk shows and pop-up rooms designed to showcase new collections.

Where: The ASOS Assembles internal workforce event



9. An ultimate pub quiz

What: A quiz master podium with two large cubes that seemed to float in mid-air thanks to some clever lighting, suspended each side. Projection was used to have the quiz on each side of the cube. A traditional pub quiz – with a difference.

Where: YouTube’s “Geek Week” event, One Mayfair

Via: Wonder


10. Seasonal journey

What: This ball was split into four key areas, with each one representing a season. This allowed the attendee to go on a journey; beginning in Autumn and moving through Winter, Spring and eventually Summer with different themed activities, decor and games at every “season”. For an end-of-year event or ceremony this is a great way to reflect on every part of the year.

Where: Christchurch Summer Ball, Oxford university

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Organizing a corporate event doesn’t have to be a big, scary thing – start small with a meeting then try some team building or a Christmas party before moving on to a client-facing event.

You should propose those ideas to your manger and find our event experts to have a Free Event Consultation together!

Source: Creative Corporate Event Ideas by Bel Booker